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Agency relations in the time of COVID-19

How should advertisers engage with their agencies at a time of reduced spend and restricted communications channels? The Observatory International explains how we can work better together.

Moral v commercial

Who knew that making gut reactions was so tiring? One of the most considerable business impacts over the past month has been the need to make decisions based on instinct...

Event reviews

Brave Moments Matter

Four practical tips from four brave people – Inspired by a panel discussion between Syl Saller, David Erixon, Jane Bloomfield and Thomas Barta.


Marina Maciver

I've got my BA (hons) Business Studies from Napier, before specialising in marketing with an MSc. My early career...

Cate Nelson‑Shaw

Cate is the Marketing Director of Remarkable where she leads the strategic direction of the marketing function; and as a member of...