Brave Conversation on Sustainability

Social cause or strategic marketing?

Iris Worldwide, 28 August, 8:30am to 10:30am

In Singapore, nearly 70 of the city’s largest firms entered last year’s Sustainable Business Awards. However, are businesses adopting greener practices out of a sense of environmental duty or simply jumping on the bandwagon to earn consumer favour?

We’re hosting the second session of our Brave Conversations series in partnership with The Drum on the subject of sustainability, taking place on Wednesday 28 August from 8.30-10.30am at Iris Worldwide.

The rise of consumer-focus on sustainability is happening at a rapid rate – from veganism, to electric cars, single-use plastics and urban housing – the world is starting to stand up and take notice of the damage we’re doing to our planet. As marketing leaders, it’s our responsibility to be the driving force within our businesses. 

Over breakfast, we will discuss the following questions and more: What are the barriers to CMOs driving sustainability in large corporates? How can CMOs be brave and bring sustainability to the start of the innovation process? How can CMOs in SEA be doing more in the sustainability space?

As part of the event, Nicole McMillan of Mars will open the conversation around the table, then everyone having the opportunity to share insights or ask questions to the group. There are only 15 places available for this intimate event, where the key talking points will be written up and turned into an article featured in The Drum.

We encourage everyone to take part so do come ready to share your ideas and discuss them with others – we’re sure it’s going to be a fascinating conversation.

Register your interest:

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Nicole McMillan

Vice President Marketing, AMEA, Mars Wrigley



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